Photography Flashbulb a 3.38€ -69%! -

Photography Flashbulb a 3.38€ -69%!

smartylife-Photography Flashbulb for iOS Android

Cooosaa‽‽‽‽‽‽ 69% di sconto su Photography Flashbulb for iOS Android!

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Informazioni Principali

This project can vastly improve the lighting in your Android and IOS photos. It is a USB chargeable flash that can connect to your mCAM powered phone through the 3.5 mm headphone port or an included cold shoe mount. These two functions are ideal for photography and videography, respectively. When plugged into the audio jack, it’s companion app can sync and control your flash, ideal for photography. When inserted into the cold shoe mount of either your mCAM or ALM flash bracket, the flash works as a constant LED that can provide up to three hours of consistent light.

Amazing for taking photos in low-light situations
70 degrees beam angle covers a full smartphone’s frame
Awesome for selfie
Use it for digital camera videos
Powerful light for various amount of scenes
Light up your front camera pictures
Best compact lighting system for digital cameras
Up to 3 hours of consistent light

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